Karaparsian Company History

Karaparsian Company

KARAPARSIAN COMPANY started its activity in 2005 in the field of supply and production of fruit flavor tobacco, and during these years, the company not only maintained the quality and variety of its products but also tried to pay special attention to the taste and demand of its customers. The taste and direction nowadays reputable and well-known are Molasses tobacco under the trademarks of “Almahmood” and other brands. 

Hence, various kinds of tobacco (Molasses and Non-Molasses) have not been merely commercial products for distribution by the Karaparsian Company. However, the supply and distribution of smoking at Karaparsian Company (under the trademark of “Almahmood” and other trademarks) would find meaning in taking into account the history of consumption of this product by Iranian people and its oral history in this country. For this reason, KARAPARSIAN COMPANY pays attention to various tastes. The taste, traced back to the Safavid dynasty and during centuries of development, has found a wide variety; the variety can be seen through one hundred Molasses tobacco products under the brand name of “Almahmood.” Also, other tobacco products have been produced in production lines of Karaparsian under reputable brands such as Khonsar, Borazjan, Hakan, Esfahan and other tobacco (which are respected and well-known by Iranian people). The said items are samples of a wide range of tobacco products of the Karaparsian Company. 

Since tobacco production and trade have been considered an essential business for Iranian people for some time, the principles of the said business and its remained ratios have been in the business plan of the company’s activities, and with due consideration to the unique principles of this business. During many years of training, Karaparsian Company has added other brands to its production lines, such as Alshabab, Sina and Megan (Megan Cigarette), to supply and distribute them internationally and more extensively. Nonetheless, the business of Karaparsian Company has not been limited to the items mentioned above, and the company established a primary factory in 2015 for the production of high-quality tobacco so that the cultivation of high-quality products would be possible utilizing the said factory. Karaparsian Company is also active in manufacturing metal can spry enjoying complete automatic machinery. 

Karaparsian Company has been active during these years through the trademarks mentioned above. It has been continuously updating its equipment and machinery in line with modern technology in the field of production of tobacco products so that an unadulterated product would be presented to the customers. 

Karaparsian Company is desirous of fulfilling its mission by meeting the complete satisfaction of its customers in domestic and foreign markets.

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