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Various knowledge and experience to make a roll in different industry segments with honor an art ...

  • Molasses

    Mu╩Żassel or Maassel, is a syrupy tobacco mix containing molasses, vegetable glycerol and various flavorings which is smoked in a hookah. 

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  • Tombac

    Tombac is an unwashed natural tobacco leaf for your hookah that is smoked without using any glycerin or natural flavors. It requires some preparation before it is ready to smoke since you need to soak it in water until the leaves have softened.

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  • Tobacco Leaves

    Natural tobacco leaf products by increasing awareness and creating a bridge between farmers, large tobacco companies and independent tobacco leaf purchasers. Various kinds of Virginia, Barley and Basma Leaves for different solution in tobacco market which are harvested in Iran. 

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    Tobacco Leaves
  • Cigarette

    High quality Blended tobacco with using best filters and cigarette paper for someone who needs best emotional and taste of smoking.

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  • Spray Products

    Various kind of product with tinplate, we produce different kind of non-food cans and spray which are using in molasses packing market also different kind of spray s as a source of purified gas, Snow.

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    Spray Products
  • Metal Can


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    Metal Can