A few tips about the benefits of tobacco

A few tips about the benefits of tobacco

The first thing that comes to the mind when hearing the name of tobacco and nicotine are smoking cigarettes and hookahs. But have you ever heard about the benefits of tobacco? It's interesting to know that tobacco plants were primarily used as a form of therapeutic medicine in the past. However, over time, with changes in the way these products are consumed, their benefits have became significantly overshadowed. In this article, we aim to discuss a few points about the benefits of tobacco and examine the properties of this product from a traditional medicine perspective.


Properties of Tobacco

It's better to know that traditional medicine had a different opinion about this product in the past. Tobacco cannot be merely referred as a smoky substance. Tobacco, produced from the dried leaves of the tobacco plant, has unique properties. It's interesting to know that the amount of protein and amino acids present in tobacco is even higher than that in soy. In fact, it can be used to produce energy-rich protein products instead of using the tobacco plant for cigarette production. Let's familiarize ourselves with a few examples of the properties and benefits of tobacco in traditional medicine:


• Tobacco decoction can be used as a pain reliever for joints.

• Tobacco is also used as an anesthetic ointment for various body parts.

• If you burn tobacco like Espand (a traditional Iranian incense), the smoke that rises from it can act as a disinfectant.

• You can use tobacco ash powder to treat fresh wounds.

• You can put tobacco in water and use this water on lice-infected hair. Massaging your head with this water can help to treat head lice.

• Extracts obtained from tobacco can prevent baldness.


Benefits of Tobacco

Tobacco is one of the most potent medicinal plants in traditional medicine and people are advised not to use it indiscriminately. The reason is that despite its therapeutic and medicinal properties, tobacco contains a deadly poison called helenalin, which can lead to death in certain circumstances. From a traditional medicine perspective, tobacco has many benefits for the body and we will examine some of them.


Treating Arthritis

The name arthritis may be new to many people. Arthritis is a joint disease and there's 35% chance that people in the community developing this disease. Unfortunately, no definitive treatment has been introduced for this disease yet. However, there are drugs available that can help reduce the symptoms and pain of this disease. These medications typically have anti-inflammatory properties. Tobacco is a type of herbal medicine with its anti-inflammatory properties can be a suitable option for arthritis patients.


Skin Health

The skin, especially the face is always exposed to various pollutants and diseases. The skin forms a significant part of the body and is generally highly sensitive to various diseases. The most crucial factor that can cause eczema, dry skin and even skin cancer is the intense sunlight directly hitting the face. But tobacco also has a solution for this problem.

By preparing tobacco extract and applying it to the body and face skin, you can prevent problems such as sunburn, acne and skin lesions, wounds, etc. So, if you are looking for a radiant and healthy skin, definitely use high-quality tobacco extract. Note that consuming tobacco by inhaling its smoke not only does not have any benefits for the skin but also is a factor in dullness and premature aging of the skin.


Hair Health

Since herbal medicines always have a special place in traditional medicine and are usually less side-effective than chemical medicines, traditional medicine specialists recommend people use these products to treat their skin and hair problems. One of the reasons for welcoming tobacco is exactly for this purpose.

Tobacco, with its unique compounds, can greatly contribute to the health and strengthening of your hair. Interestingly, some hair care shampoos, like anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss ones, use tobacco. It has a significant effect in treating hair loss and dandruff. By using these shampoos, you can double the radiance of your hair.


Strengthening the Body's Immune System

Researchers have found after extensive studies that tobacco contains a specific protein, a trace amount of which is also found in human livers. The protein in tobacco has a very strong anti-inflammatory property and can strengthen the body's immune system against various diseases. This valuable protein can also be used to produce a variety of drugs. These drugs are used to treat diseases such as arthritis, Alzheimer's, stroke, infectious diseases, various fungi, AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and many more.