Traditional hookah tobacco

Traditional hookah tobacco

One of the important parts in preparing a hookah is to use high-quality, top-grade tobacco. This tobacco is made of dried tobacco leaves. Traditional hookah tobacco, which any hookah enthusiasts are famous to their scent, sharp, smoky flavor, and no particular essences or flavorings are used in their preparation. However, many traditional restaurants that offer hookah in their menu have started using various sweeteners, fruits, and essences to enhance the flavor and scent of the hookah, to ensure customer satisfaction. In this article, we aim to discuss how to prepare traditional hookah tobacco and introduce different types of tobacco.

Everything About Tobacco

As mentioned before, a product called tobacco can be produced by drying tobacco leaves, which is specifically used for preparing a hookah. Tobacco was used completely traditionally in the past, meaning that once the tobacco leaves were dried, plain tobacco, without any additives, was offered in the market.

By burning and inhaling the tobacco smoke, a large amount of nicotine can be introduced into the body. Typically, people who are accustomed to using a hookah experience a unique sense of exhilaration and euphoria after using it. But one thing to note about tobacco is that the tobacco available in the market is highly varied in terms of type and quality.

Tobacco quality is determined by the quality of the tobacco leaf is derived from the higher quality of the tobacco leaf, the higher standard of the produced tobacco, and the better quality will be various categories can be considered for tobacco, including:

• Simple and heavy tobacco
• Fruit tobacco
• Plain and molasses tobacco
• Simple and mixed tobacco
• Cold and hot tobacco

Using any of these types of tobacco in a hookah can provide a different experience for individuals. Moreover, the quality of the tobacco depends on where the tobacco is grown. Tobacco is cultivated in various parts of the world, including Virginia tobacco, Burley tobacco, Sun-cured tobacco, and so forth. In Iran, we have different cities which are seriously involved in the production of tobacco and tobacco products, each offering their locally produced tobacco in various qualities to the domestic market.

Important Points in Buying Tobacco

As the variety of tobacco available in the market is quite high, choosing a quality product is somewhat difficult for buyers. To find high-quality and top-grade tobacco, we need to consider certain factors when buying. 
These factors are as follows:
Paying attention to the Brand of the Tobacco Supplier.
Surely, the manufacturing brand is one of the important factors in buying tobacco. The more experience and credibility the manufacturer has, the higher quality products are offered to consumers. Reputable manufacturers typically use the best types of tobacco leaves in the production of traditional, fruit, and other tobaccos.

Paying attention to the Production Date of the Tobacco

One of the factors that cause the tobacco to smell stale and moldy after use in a hookah is their expiration date. During purchase, definitely pay attention to the production and expiration date of the tobacco and try to buy products which are not too far from their production date.

Check the Moisture, Aroma, and Taste of the Tobacco
Usually, people choose different types of tobacco depending on the purpose and objective they have for smoking hookah. One thing you need to pay attention to when buying all types of tobacco is the moisture content. High-quality traditional tobacco, fruit tobaccos, mixed and others should have a sufficient and appropriate level of moisture and a pleasant aroma.

Tobacco Price

Various factors influence the price of tobacco. Based on the quality of tobacco, the amount of moisture and additives used, manufacturers set different prices for the product. Genuine, top-grade traditional tobacco is usually offered at higher prices in the market due to its quality and high standards.

Tobacco Side Effects

Tobacco is known worldwide as one of the important smoking substances and people usually become addicted to it due to the euphoria which it makes. This sense of euphoria due to the nicotine presents in tobacco, which can quickly absorbed by the body and have a significant impact on a person. We will point out a few of the most important side effects of tobacco. But using poor-quality tobacco can make the product's side effects double on your body.

Low-quality and outdated tobacco is full of harmful chemicals that can multiply the risk of cancer. Respiratory problems and lung involvement with these harmful substances are other side effects of using poor-quality tobacco.