The Impact of Corona on Business

The Impact of Corona on Business

The corona virus has infected most countries in the world due to its rapid spread in a short time.
In addition to causing the death of many people in the world and imposing heavy costs, the virus has also stagnated the activities of a wide range of businesses and has far-reaching economic consequences for countries around the world.

Due to the fact that the main condition for controlling the spread of the virus is to reduce the maximum social interactions and stay at home, so many economic businesses are facing closure and recession.

According to a survey conducted by the Statistics Center, 30% of businesses in March and April have reduced their workforce by at least one person, and in May, when the restrictions were lifted and businesses started operating, 7% of firms have recruited at least one person. 

The highest number of redundancies is related to the agricultural sector. In March and April, 43.4% of companies had at least one person with redundancies, and in May, 34% of them fired at least one person. The lowest adjustment is related to the industry and mining sector, which in the first months of the outbreak of Corona virus, 77.4% and 88.4% in May, did not adjust any of their workforce.

One of the strategies that businesses used during the outbreak of the disease was telecommuting.
According to the report, in March and April, at least one person was telecommuting in 25% of all business sectors, and in May, at least one person used telecommuting in 20% of cases.

According to the research of the Statistics Center, telecommuting in industry and mining was less than in agriculture and services, and in March and April 69.4% and in May 79% did not have telecommuting.

The idea of employing new manpower during the corona outbreak is unlikely and far-fetched, but according to a study by the Statistics Center, at least 8% of all business sectors in March and April employed new manpower. In May, the rate grew by 3.3 percent and 11.3 percent hired at least one new manpower.
According to the report, the industry and mining sector in May, at least 11.3% of businesses have hired at least one new workforce.

The results of the Statistics Center research show that the most important problems for businesses in March and April were payment of salaries, loan repayments and rent payments, which were 25, 21 and 21% of the problems of businesses in this group, respectively.

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